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Enseignant.e.s : Babak Afrassiabi, Nasrin Tabatabai

Wednesday Meetings

Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi

The course will evolve around individual tutorials where together we will reflect on your artistic ideas and the formal and conceptual aspects of your work. The meetings will concentrate on developing a coherent and critical relationship between the subjects, material choices, aesthetic references and the presentation strategies of your work. The aim is to arrive at gaining awareness of the specifics of your practice and your position as an artist but also about how this could relate to contemporary art and the wider social and political context of our time. The individual meetings will take place on Wednesday mornings and could expand to the afternoons. The location of the course is primarily at the school, but could also take places where the students are working. The course is for all the students of Master Two and PHD candidates, but other students are also welcome to sign up. Our first meeting is scheduled for September 19th in the room Nr…. from 9:.00 AM.


September: 19 - 26

October: 17 - 31

Nov. 7 - 21

Dec: 19

Jan: 23

Feb: 6- 13- 27

March: 13- 20

April: 3- 24

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