Bachelor 1, 2 & 3

Video Art

Professor(s): Chloé Malcotti

In this workshop, we will focus on collective practices specific to motion images production and we will question the challenges of these means of production. We will develop a discursive as well as practical research corpus that questions the existing relationships between image, aesthetic and production means. In the workshop, students will be invited to take part in the creation of the corpus as well as in the organisation of theoretical and practical research sessions by bringing and managing the material as well as being in charge of organising and supervising these collective work sessions. We will consider the work of an artist both from an individual and a collective point of view, in relation to one another in a specific environment.

Bachelor 1, 2 & 3

Video Narration

Professor(s): Yvan Flasse

The course develops two important directions: a theoretical reading of pieces (analysis) and the creation of video practice (practical). The goal is to introduce students to basic notions of videography and to the artistic process of famous video artists and film directors, providing fundamental notions of critical and structural analysis related to filmed narratives. The course enables students to approach the video medium through different exercises and proposals. The focus point is not technical skills but a reflection related to the students’ personal answers and works. Through four compulsory exercises, the aim is to lead students to set each and every time a problematic related to the practice of video.


Professor: Manon De Boer

Contemporary audio-visual creation gives the chance to encounter many different forms. From film to digital support, artists use the many technological media and formats available to them in numerous ways. The aim is to enable students to find subjects and questions that emerge from a personal desire and to place them in the context of contemporary art and the history of film. Experimental, narration, documentary, fiction – one can choose to engage in a specific field in order to highlight the value of its difference, or can try to place their idea in between one of these fields. In addition to individual meetings, students attending the workshop meet up once a month for a group discussion around their works and ideas, and/or around a text, a film or an exhibition related to the questions that emerge from their work.

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