Installation - Performance

Bachelor 1, 2 & 3

Professor : Juan d’Oultremont

The workshop is organised around three lines of work: the body (performance), everyday life (non-art) and the art space (installation). It provides the basis for performance practices enabling students to know where they stand, to confront themselves to and gradually position themselves in today’s art. Each student proposal is envisioned as a work site that goes from research and drafts to presentation/display subjected to critical evaluation. The primary goal is to assess the state of affairs in art today and the specific space installation and performance occupy within this “landscape”.


Professor : Joëlle Tuerlinckx

Nothing will take place but the place?

“I only know what I see by working”, said Alberto Giacometti. This is an efficient illustration of this installation/performance course. And it is the only way that I can be in charge of it today. I don’t know what I teach as a teacher. We rarely start from the idea, and we prefer to focus on its foundations, on the experience of space in the present, the space of a book, of an exposition, of a theater stage, of a classroom. Without a fixed room, we evolve, we choose “the stage”. That way, together or alone, we construct the subject of the course. In a way, we orchestrate it.

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