Illustration - Comics

During the three Bachelor years in comics and illustration at erg, students gradually resolve a series of issues around storytelling and narrative structuring. Starting from their appetence for image and writing, their personal interests and aims, students are encouraged to blend their reflections, practical skills and intuitions to create a personal and unique production. Through a regular practice, they will question the ethical and aesthetical challenges of their tool(s) and their impact on their statement by using an extensive knowledge of what makes graphic literature today.

Bachelor 1

Professors : Geneviève Casterman, Christian Staquet

The illustration workshop approaches the same issues as the comics course, i.e. text-image relationships. Through their practice of drawing, image and writing, students develop a point of view and a “personal world”. The main focus is the work presentation and the quality of the display.

Bachelor 2 & 3

Professors : Olivier Grenson, Joanna Lorho

The practical exercises serving a personal, authorial project support students in their personal research, which becomes particularly intense in the third Bachelor year. The aim is to lead students to create a unique world by developing representational means and by questioning their practice in the contemporary world in relation to other arts and media.

The course relies on a history of illustration and comic books and to the acquisition of a culture. Short or longer-term exercises support students in their personal research, which becomes particularly intense in the third Bachelor year. The student must be able to develop a unique world and to offer an authorial work by developing representational means.


Professors : Dominique Goblet, Alain Goffin

The course involves the analyses and critiques of each student’s personal work. This narrative as well as iconographic analysis probes the inventiveness, understanding and awareness of narrative challenges while developing a global awareness of the medium through learning older as well as contemporary comics/illustration works. In this context, every student is asked to give a weekly presentation of a work that they find interesting in order to foster transmission.

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